Thunder January Press & News Roundup

thunder creative management platform press

To achieve a better ROI from their data-driven ad technologies, brands and advertisers need to leverage the audience data from their DMP, strategize creatively around it, and execute that strategy across different audiences. Victor Wong offers Thalamus his take on the current challenges and future of the programmatic creative revolution.

Though automating marketing functions typically improves efficiency and performance for digital campaigns, human intervention still plays a vital role in its success. Learn why marketers should avoid forgoing human touch entirely within programmatic advertising in the $200M automation mistake that could happen to your brand.

January is a time of reflection and prediction. In Marketing, By the Numbers, Rob Lennon offers his thoughts on the proliferation of ad blocking and what we can do to combat it.

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What is People-First Marketing?

what is people first marketing

People-first marketing is both an approach and a set of marketing strategies that focus on personalizing customer touchpoints across channels to drive engagement and maximize campaign performance.

The proliferation of digital channels, devices, and platforms have led to a vast shift in consumer behavior and expectations. Gone are the days where advertisers can mass send out generic marketing messages aimed at everyone–which in reality, cater to no one.

Consumers have gained more control over their own journey to purchase, which means brands and advertisers need to do a better job of identifying and reaching the right audience at the right moment. Understanding who your specific target audiences are, as well as their needs, wants, and pain points help put each customer at the forefront of your marketing strategy.

Targeting the right audience, however, is just one part of the equation.

Executing a people-first strategy also means understanding how to capture your audience’s attention with the right message. To activate the $6 billion dollars spent on targeting technologies like DSPs and DMPs, brands and advertisers need to focus on delivering a personalized message that captures their audience’s attention at the right time in their customer journey. Delivering a personalized creative is key to truly engaging consumers, instead of just marketing to them.

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7 Ingredients For The Perfect Programmatic Creative Management Platform

7 Key Ingredients For A Creative Management Platform

The main concepts of advertising have been around for over a century, but the emergence of programmatic creative and the creative management platform (CMP) is a phenomenon that is much newer.

A number of companies have seen incredible results from creative management platforms, including Anheuser-Busch, the biggest brewer in the world, and Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG), the second-biggest hospitality company in the world.

Programmatic creative technologies combine well with programmatic buying, data management platforms (DMPs) and demand-side platforms (DSPs). In this ad tech stack arrangement, the CMP is the creative arm of a data-driven campaign strategy.

We’re going to explore seven ingredients that can make up the perfect creative management platform that aligns with your programmatic creative strategy. If you’re still learning about what a CMP is, check out the video below before you review the list.

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The 2017 the Ad Creative Landscape for Programmatic

Ad Creative Landscape - 2017 (Thunder)

In 2017, US programmatic digital display ad spending will reach $27.47 billion, with programmatic representing 72% of the total spend in the category. Mobile is driving a significant portion of programmatic growth.

The lion’s share of display ad inventory will be a combination of rich audience data, targeting and placement.

How will the ads that align with these programmatic buys come into being? What tools are services are used to source the ad content and personalize the ads? Once built, how will the ad performance optimized?

To answer these questions we created the Ad Creative Landscape in 2014, now updated for 2017. Inspired by the Display Ad Lumascape, this graphic summarizes many key players and services in the display ad creation process.

Here’s a breakdown of the main components.

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Thunder December Press & News Roundup

thunder creative management platform press

Creative fatigue is costing you more than you think. Facebook heavily penalizes advertisers for failing to refresh your ad creatives. Even for high performing ads, ad fatigue can quickly set in, leading to higher advertising costs and a negative ROI. Here are seven ways to stop creative fatigue from killing your Facebook advertising budget.

The path to brand loyalty is no longer a funnel. In fact, there is no set path. Like the newcomers in HBO’s new hit show, Westworld, brands need to focus on creating marketing moments to engage customers with the brand’s storyline. Victor Wong writes on MediaPost examining what ‘Westworld’ teaches marketers about the customer journey.

And finally, to kick off 2017, we’d like to share a few of Victor Wong’s predictions for digital marketing this year, including increased use of CRM data onboarding and death of expandable ads.

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Research: Programmatic Creative Industry Report

Programmatic advertising enables digital marketers to reach the right audience at the right time more quickly and efficiently than ever before. Advertisers have heavily focused on who they’re delivering the message to and how they’re delivering it, but what about the actual content they’re delivering?

Is the creative falling behind in this programmatic revolution?

Last year, Thunder teamed up with Digiday Content Studio to research the creative needs of brands, agencies and publishers. Watch this video to learn the top findings from this report.

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Webinar: Facebook Creative Optimization Tactics

With 1.71 billion active monthly users and advertisers spending $17 billion annually, Facebook is one of the top platforms to advertise on. It’s one of the most effective channels to reach highly targeted audiences.

To achieve a phenomenal return from Facebook ads, one factor makes or breaks your success: good creative.

Learn expert creative tactics including message tailoring and design best practices that will amplify your Facebook ad performance and maximize your ROI.

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Video: What is Co-Op Advertising?

Co-op advertising presents a huge digital opportunity for local SMBs that carry national brands. With more than 4,500 digital co-op programs available in the US, local retailers have access to essentially “free money.”

Ad sales reps who leverage co-op can upsell existing advertisers to more easily achieve their digital goals while helping advertisers grow their local exposure.

In this video, learn more about how co-op advertising works, including common requirements and verticals, and why local retailers should take advantage.

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Video: Programmatic Creative vs. Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)

Programmatic creative refers to the set of ad technologies that enable data-informed, software-assisted creative executions. The purpose of programmatic creative is to unify data and creativity to drive hyper-relevant ads to each audience.

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) falls under the programmatic umbrella, but is not the only way to solve creative problems for programmatic media. Both Dynamic Creative Optimization and Creative Management Platforms (CMPs) maximize the impact of the creative within programmatic and direct advertising through very different approaches.

In this video, learn how programmatic creative activates audience data through two main technologies: Dynamic Creative Optimization and Creative Management Platforms.

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Video: What is a Creative Management Platform (CMP)?

Creative Management Platforms (CMPs) are a class of programmatic creative technologies that enable digital marketers to tailor, test and optimize display and social ad campaigns.

Leveraging a CMP allows programmatic advertisers to create hyper-targeted ads at scale, dramatically amplifying the creative output of a team and the performance of each campaign.

In this video, learn more about the benefits of using a Creative Management Platform and how they compare to Dynamic Creative Optimization technologies (DCOs).

If you like this video, you might like this post: 7 Ingredients For The Perfect Creative Management Platform.

And if you want to learn more about programmatic creative, download our free eBook: The Essential Guide To Programmatic Creative Technologies.

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Video: Programmatic Display – 5 Creative Optimization Tactics to Drive Performance

A report published by Yahoo! in 2014 found that personalized ads are 54% more engaging and 45% more memorable compared to generalized creative.

To continuously drive higher programmatic display performance, leveraging the right creative optimization tactics will not only lead to more engaging ads that strongly appeal to your target audiences but also higher conversion rates.

Watch this video to learn 5 creative optimization strategies to maximize the ROI of your programmatic display campaigns.

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Thunder November Press & News Roundup

thunder creative management platform press

When deciding between programmatic creative approaches, advertisers face the marketer’s ‘trilemma’; marketers need to find a balance among personalization, experience, and cost. CEO Victor Wong writes on discussing what’s at stake and how to overcome the creative trade-offs.

The majority of advertisers show the same generic, generalized creative to all audiences. A targeted creative strategy requires creating a cohesive story, but in a personalized way. As the world gets smaller, Victor Wong examines why global brands need to start thinking small in their large advertising campaigns.

With the recent founding of the Coalition for Better Ads and Google’s announcement to crack down on intrusive ad formats in 2017, LEAN ads (light, encrypted, ad choice supported, non-invasive ads) are more important than ever before. Victor Wong published a piece on MarTech offering five tips for creating consumer-friendly programmatic ads.

Personalization is critical to boost ad performance, but if marketers use the tactic incorrectly, they could immediately rub customers the wrong way. Victor Wong gives four tips for personalizing ads without being creepy.

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Sara Keesler Wins Bronze Stevie® Award In 2016 Stevie Awards For Women In Business

Women Around the World Recognized at Event in New York City

thunder creative management platform press

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – November 21, 2016 – Sara Keesler, Senior Lead Software Engineer at Thunder, has been named the winner of a Bronze Stevie® Award in the Employee of the Year – Business Services category in the 13th annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business.

The Stevie Awards for Women in Business are the world’s top honors for female entrepreneurs, executives, employees and the organizations they run. All individuals and organizations worldwide are eligible to submit nominations – public and private, for-profit and non-profit, large and small. The 2016 awards received entries from 31 nations and territories.

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How To Overcome 80% Of Your Programmatic Creative Challenges

Image Source: ‘Everything was easier at the beginning’: Marketers vent programmatic frustration – Digiday

At this year’s Digiday Programmatic Summit, participants were asked to jot down their greatest challenges in programmatic advertising. The response was enlightening.

Here’s the breakdown of top programmatic challenges:

  • Telling the difference between vendors (30%)
  • Reconciling creative and programmatic (30%)
  • Time required to improve campaign performance vs. client’s budget (10%)
  • Cracking data budget (10%)
  • Duplication of audiences (10%)
  • Managing campaign cost (5%)
  • Terminology discrepancies between digital and TV departments (5%)

Normally on this blog we try to not talk too much about Thunder. But today I’d like to address these challenges, and show you how Thunder is working everyday to help you overcome them.

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Rich Media Advertising: Who’s Killing It And Why

Who is killing rich media advertising

The writing’s on the wall for rich media advertising as we know it today.

When it debuted, the rich functionality in rich media advertising was seen as a victory. At first it was animation, but then interactive elements became available. Banners could play videos, pop over your screen and expand over content.

The vision behind rich media advertising was admirable: make ads that people want to interact with. But it turned out to be a bait and switch.

Instead of endearing consumers to ads, these formats did the opposite. They pestered users with unwanted pop ups, aggravating expansions, and startling autoplay video with audio. They “politely” loaded megabyte after megabyte on people’s mobile data plans. They intruded at every opportunity because of marginal gains in CTR.

As the ad industry transforms, rich media is on the chopping block. Here are the top 5 attackers.

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Thunder Named Finalist In 13th Annual Stevie® Awards For Women In Business

Sara Keesler, Thunder’s Senior Lead Software Engineer, Named Finalist For Stevie Awards For Women In Business

thunder creative management platform press

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – October 6, 2016 Sara Keesler, Senior Lead Software Engineer at Thunder, was named a Finalist in the Employee of the Year – Business category in the 13th annual Stevie® Awards for Women in Business, and will ultimately be a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Stevie Award winner in the program.

The Stevie Awards for Women in Business honor women executives, entrepreneurs, employees and the companies they run – worldwide. The Stevie Awards have been hailed as the world’s premier business awards.

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Thunder September Press & News Roundup

thunder creative management platform press

To successfully execute cross-platform digital campaigns, different creative messages and variations must be produced to target different audience segments. Yet, two of the industry’s biggest players are falling short of meeting those needs. CEO Victor Wong writes on iMedia discussing how Google and Adobe are failing brand marketers.

Though brands and advertisers have done an excellent job effectively reaching the right people at the right time, most campaigns fail to deliver the right message. In The Makegood’s People of Ad Tech interview, Bill Brazell, WIT Strategy Partner, interviews Victor Wong to discuss why the real problem is the widespread failure to customize ads.

Lastly, Thunder teamed up with its global DSP and programmatic exchange partners to conduct a study on viewability and load times. After studying billions of impressions, they discovered that beyond simply improving the ad experiences for consumers, faster load times dramatically affect viewability rates.

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11 Design Tips To Optimize Facebook Ads

Design tips to optimize Facebook ads

With creative being the biggest driver of performance on Facebook, leveraging the right tactics to optimize Facebook ads is essential to the success of the campaign.

An effective ad not only increases engagement from potential customers, but also boosts your overall ROI. More importantly, testing different elements over time will allow you to keep your creatives fresh and improve the results of your Facebook ads.

Below are 11 best practices to optimize your Facebook ads and videos.

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