Test and learn.

Figure out what ad experience drives the best results for which audience.

Testing For The Best Ad


The CMO Club conducted research with Thunder and found that 94% of CMOs believe testing leads to better ad experiences. 50% of CMOs are already doing testing and another 44% plan to do so in the next year.

These CMO's don't stop with making just one ad and hoping for the best. They test and learn.

What Could Better Testing Do For You?


Higher Conversions

Knowing which ad is performing better allows you to run more media with the better ad and drive more sales. 


More Precision

Ensuring you get uncontaminated results requires test subjects not to be exposed to multiple ad tests. Keep tests consistent. 


Lower Media Waste

Automated testing allows you to switch ad serving to the winning creative immediately to optimize media dollars. 

Introducing Dynamic Creative Optimization

Thunder didn't invent DCO but it perfected it by re-building DCO for the people-based marketing era.