Where Next? Finding Flite Alternatives and Competitors After the CMP Shutdown

Flite alternatives and competitors

Snap’s acquisition of Flite last December led to all Flite ads going dark, leaving some advertisers scrambling to evaluate Flite alternatives and competitors. Although Flite’s website remains online, the creative management platform (CMP) has closed its doors for good.

Ad tech is often considered an area that is oversaturated with similar technologies, and many view Flite’s exit as a positive step for the industry overall. 

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PaperG Rebrands to “Thunder” as it Unveils PowerPlus for Facebook

Thunder Advertising - Programmatic Creative

Thunder is the First Solution Enabling Brands to Simultaneously Build, Edit and Preview Creatives Across Display and Social — New Identity Reflects Company Mission to Optimize Creative Ads Across Channels

San Francisco, CA – (April 25, 2016) – Effective today, PaperG, the original and leading Creative Management Platform, announces it has changed its name to Thunder. Additionally, the company has unveiled the first-ever solution for marketers to build, edit and preview creatives across display and social creatives in one interface, called PowerPlus for Facebook.

The concept of perfectly synchronized campaign waves is analogous to “rolling thunder,” which is both a natural concept and a term used by marketers to describe how thunderstorms and campaigns build in strength and power as they successfully move through time and distance. It is also part of the thinking that led the company and its board to rename and reposition PaperG as Thunder.

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PaperG Selected as One of the Bay Area’s Healthiest Employers

Thunder Healthiest Employers in Bay Area

We are thrilled to have been selected this year as one of the 2014 Bay Area’s Healthiest Employers by the San Francisco Business Times and the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

How did we win such a prestigious distinction? We made it a focus of our perks to be just a little bit better than most Bay Area startups. Here’s a breakdown of the healthy ones:

We cover 100% of health, dental and vision insurance.

We don’t want our team to have to worry about their health, so we offer one of the best PPO health plans we could find to all staff members, completely paid for by the company. Included in the health plan is a wellness program that allows you to subscribe and receive wellness information and tips. Our health plan also covers preventative care.

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Rival or Rescuer? How Tech Companies Work For Agencies, Not Against Them


It’s been three weeks since the proposed Omnicom/Publicis merger collapsed, but the process has brought to the surface a widespread belief that agencies and technology companies are rivals by nature. This perception could not be further from the truth. In fact, agency and tech are innate allies.

The purpose of the Omnicom/Publicis alliance was supposed to be a way to help the already massive holding companies compete with equally massive technology rivals like Google, Facebook, Oracle and Salesforce—many of whom have been chipping away at dollars that traditionally would flow toward the agency world.

This mega-merger would have helped the bottom line through cost savings on the media side, which in turn could make the agencies more competitive. But would creating a company of such epic proportions come at the cost of agility, innovation and the quality of their services?

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Lessons on Hiring From Facebook: Going from 500 to 5,000 employees

Lori Goler, VP of Facebook HR, talking about scaling hiring.

PaperG has been thinking about scaling the company for the last year as it’s gone from 25 people to 60 and looks to grow even further.  We recently co-organized and sponsored a conference which featured among others, Lori Goler, the Vice President of Human Resources at Facebook. She spoke about the Facebook experience from the time she joined in their early growth mode to present day and shared some key lessons to keep in mind.

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The Lost Startup Benefit: Paid Maternity Leave

paid maternity leave in startups study

In 2013 at Thunder (we were called PaperG at the time), one of our employees decided to get pregnant. This was a first for the company, so in addition to being excited for her, we found ourselves putting into place our own maternity leave policy for the first time.

We started by researching what other startups were providing their employees. Surprisingly we found no definitive guide or benchmark for startups, so we conducted our own survey to help create one.

For our research, we polled people from our network of startups—with little funding to post IPO—to see what types of policies were being implemented across startups at different stages.

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