Dynamic Creative Optimization

Personalize and optimize ad experiences for each person cross-channel and across time.

Solve bad ads by testing and targeting messages.


Personalize to Individuals

Recognize customers and prospects across devices and time to consistently customize ads to individuals


A/B Split Test Creatives

Create universal control and experiment groups across devices to figure out true ad impact on sales and brand


Optimize for Omnichannel

Optimize for Omnichannel: Tie creative to online and offline KPIs to drive real business results


Customer Lifecycle Messaging

Delivering the right message at the right time requires orchestrating the ad experience across the customer lifecycle. Target specific creative experiences based on customer data such as prior brand exposure, in-market buying signals, and past purchases.

People-Based Testing

The gold standard of scientific testing is a randomized controlled trial where people are randomly assigned into universal test & control groups to measure lift. Thunder splits test groups by people to conduct the most accurate and fastest testing possible. Others split groups by device or cookies, leading to people being in multiple test groups and thereby contaminating results.

Unlike others, Thunder only picks the winning ad after it has complete confidence based on reaching the data sample size necessary for statistical significance. Try our sample size calculator if you're ready to start testing.

Download the "ABCs of People-Based Testing" to learn more.

People based testing

Personalize & Orchestrate Experiences

Discover how dynamic creative optimization can enable a better customer experience with your advertising.