Thunder Careers

Digital ads power the internet economy. It's time to make them better. Come here to change advertising forever.


Advertising is one of the hardest problems in the modern economy

Many of our favorite Internet sites and television shows depend on advertising revenue, from Facebook to Mad Men. Yet, in spite of the hundreds of billions spent annually worldwide and the tens of billions spent in the US digital advertising market alone, effective advertising is largely an unsolved problem.

It’s a matter of finding the perfect balance between consumer attention and advertisers’ goals, which has largely been elusive to date. This magic equilibrium is a highly technical and artistic problem at a massive scale, since billions of pieces of content and daily viewed ads require a rare combination of skill sets and capabilities that most organizations lack.

Our Team

  • Smart engineers and product people from top tech companies (Microsoft, Amazon, etc.)
  • Savvy business team from leading players in advertising (Google, Facebook, etc.)
  • One of Forbes' 100 Most Promising Companies in America


  • San Francisco Headquarters situated in FiDi  (Map)
  • Seattle Engineering Office located in Bellevue, right by the transit center  (Map)

Perks & Benefits

  • Healthcare plan that will take care of dental, vision, and medical needs
  • Unlimited vacation days to unwind as necessary
  • Funds for books, conferences, and courses
  • Free catered lunches every day
  • Free snacks and drinks to keep you powered up
  • Stock options and ownership in our company
  • 401K Plan with employer matching to help plan your career
  • The opportunity to work on what the New York Times called "an ad engine to put Mad
    Men out of business"


We hire for talent, not for position. Our job openings reflect opportunities and skill sets we need to push our mission forward. Regardless of role, you will be challenged to learn, and can make a significant impact on the company.