Low File Load Size Equals Better Ad Viewability

low file load size correlates with better ad viewability

We recently published new research demonstrating that lower file load size correlates with better viewability in digital ads. Heavier file load size results in slower loads, so it’s not surprising that it can interfere with viewability as well.

Meanwhile consumers have been a mobile majority for some time now. Mobile devices tend to download data more slowly over cellular signals, inhibiting ad viewability even further.

It’s clear now that file load size is a small technical detail that marketers cannot afford to ignore. Simply having the same ad with a smaller load can be enough to improve campaign performance.

mobile ad majority

On the programmatic creative front, larger file load is something that some dynamic creative solutions may struggle with. Building ads on the fly prevents font/text optimization, requires extra rendering code in the ad and adds extra server calls, too. Spot checking dynamic creative units around the web, we found that the majority have total loads between 200-300KB, which is over the recommended maximum.

Creatives build on Thunder Creative Management Platform are automatically insulated from this problem. Our proprietary J2H engine optimizes every ad for load size, including images, fonts, text and animation code. The result is ads that are up to 60% lighter than other dynamic creative solutions. We leverage DSP/DMP/marketing measurement decisioning to avoid extra server calls too.

See the research for more data on how lower file load sizes improve your ad viewability.