Track the complete ad experience

You can't improve what you don't measure. Capture people's full experience.

Tracking the Best Ads


The CMO Club conducted research with Thunder and found that 70% of CMOs struggle with knowing the impact of an ad experience. The Same CMOs cited identifying customers across channels and if they saw ads as leading obstacles to improve the ad experience.  People-based tracking of ads can sole this problem.

What Could Better Tracking Do For You?


Higher Conversion Rate

Understanding the true universe of people who saw your ad and who converted will improve your understanding of performance.


More Insights

Viewing the full customer journey across time and devices gives you new ideas for improving your strategy.


Better Attribution

Properly tying ad exposure to people across time and channel allows you to better allocate media spend. 

Introducing Experience Measurement

Thunder has re-invented tracking to go beyond cookies and devices and instead track people and their full ad experience.