Deliver the right frequency

Too few ads, people don't care. Too many ads, people hate you.

Achieving Optimal Frequency


The CMO Club conducted research with Thunder and found that 71% of CMO's believe frequency is important to the ad experience.

Yet, 60% of CMOs aren't confident in their own measurement of frequency. Only 1% were highly confident. See why people-based CMOs are the most confident in their frequency counting.

What Could Better Frequency Do For You?


Lower Media Waste

Many brands are overserving ads to people because they aren't counting all their exposure across devices and time due to cookies and device limitations.


Higher Conversion Rate

Some brands can actually improve conversion rates by lowering frequency so they aren't annoying their customers and decreasing brand favorability. 


Better Brand Recall

Ensuring enough exposure is critical for a brand to even make any impact. The proper frequency allows brand ads to drive awareness. 

Introducing Experience Measurement

Thunder has re-invented tracking to go beyond cookies and devices and instead track people and their full ad experience.