Experience Measurement

Track the lifetime ad experience of your customers to optimize your marketing strategy.

Solve bad ads by measuring what works.


Attribute Omnichannel Sales

Tie ad exposure to offline and online sales through people-based conversion tracking and look back months with persistent IDs instead of cookies.


Achieve Optimal Frequency

Understand total ad exposure relative to conversion to discover ideal frequency. Then set frequency caps to cut waste and increase sales.


Lower Media Waste

Measure unique reach and excess frequency by person to identify media duplication and validate your digital media plan.

Lifetime Ad Experience Reporting

Lifetime Ad Experience Reporting

Don't settle for campaign based reporting which typically attributes all conversions to the campaign that ran in the prior 30 days. Instead, look further back with longer look-back attribution windows thanks to persistent cross-device IDs

People-based Measurement

Cookie-based and device-based measurement fail to capture the total ad experience by person. Using such temporary and fragmented tracking leads to miscalculation of true frequency and misrepresentation of the customer journey. Instead, people-based marketers use deterministic, Cross-device IDs to combine ad exposure and conversions across channels and tie to get the most accurate picture of how their ads are working. 

People Based Measurement

Track & Measure Ad Experiences

Discover how dynamic creative optimization can enable a better customer experience with your advertising.