Video: What is Co-Op Advertising?

Co-op advertising presents a huge digital opportunity for local SMBs that carry national brands. With more than 4,500 digital co-op programs available in the US, local retailers have access to essentially “free money.”

Ad sales reps who leverage co-op can upsell existing advertisers to more easily achieve their digital goals while helping advertisers grow their local exposure.

In this video, learn more about how co-op advertising works, including common requirements and verticals, and why local retailers should take advantage.

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25 Quotes To Spark Your Sales Momentum

Thunder ad platform 25 Motivational Sales Quotes

We all need a little inspiration from time to time. As we kick off the new year, we would like to share a few words of wisdom to empower you to achieve your sales goals in 2016.

Turn to these quotes for inspiration any time you feel disheartened or disgruntled. Remember, even the experts––some of the greatest leaders and businesspeople of our time––needed courage and perseverance in order to succeed.

So the next time you feel the need for an extra push, refer to these 25 quotes to refresh your mind and boost your sales energy.

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3 Steps to Holiday Themed Ads – Win More End of the Year Business

Thunder Creative Management Platform Ad Examples

With the holidays right around the corner, advertisers are busy preparing for the biggest shopping season of the year. Retail holiday sales are projected to increase by 5.7% this year—the biggest jump in sales since 2011.

The next few months presents a huge opportunity for advertisers to capture new customers and increase their brand awareness amongst existing customers. According to, nearly 80 percent of shoppers engage with brands and retailers through digital channels before setting foot inside a store, which means that digital advertising will be essential for advertisers to generate sales and to stay ahead of the competition.

Incorporating holiday-related themes, keywords, and imagery in your advertiser’s display campaigns will make their busiest retail season both successful and jolly.

To help your advertisers maximize the festive shopping season, here are three easy ways to add a holiday twist to digital display ads.

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Transitioning Display Ads from Flash to HTML5 – A Comprehensive FAQ

Thunder guide to transitioning Flash to HTML5 display ads

The advertising shakeup on September 1st has accelerated plans across the industry to transition display ads from Flash to HTML5. As a result, a lot of questions have surfaced about the finer details of HTML5 ad production and trafficking.

Below we’ve compiled the most common questions and answers into a comprehensive FAQ. Many of the entries here have come directly from customers. If anything about HTML5 is unclear to you, we hope you find your answer here.

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Why Take Advantage of Co-Op?

Digital co-op advertising - Thunder Creative Management Platform

For SMBs with minimal budgets, digital co-op is a huge opportunity to advertise with no additional cost. With $1.7 billion available in digital co-op programs every year and $450 million of which is unclaimed, local advertisers have access to free advertising dollars.

Sales reps who leverage co-op can upsell existing advertisers to both expand the relationship and more easily achieve their digital goals, as co-op campaigns are typically larger and higher in value. At the same time, by selling co-op, reps help advertisers grow their local exposure without increasing their advertising spend.

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9 Free Mobile Apps to Enhance Sales Productivity

9 Apps To Boost Sales Productivity

As a sales rep who is constantly on-the-go, utilizing the right tools to drive efficiency from meeting to meeting is not only desirable, but also necessary.

Mobile apps enable you to better manage your sales process, whether tracking leads in real-time, or digitizing your huge stack of business cards. With the ability to improve daily productivity through apps, you can spend more of your time on what you do best: closing sales.

Before you head out to your next sales call, check out these top 9 apps to help boost your sales efficiency. The bonus? All of these apps are free.

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4 Must-Share Display Advertising Trends To Help Secure The Sale

Must Share Display Advertising Trends - Thunder Creative Management PlatformAs a digital sales rep, sharing industry research is one of the most powerful ways to influence a potential client’s buying decision. Especially for prospects who are still on the fence, leveraging industry data strengthens your pitch, your credibility, and the value of your digital solution.

This is undoubtedly the case for local advertisers who are wary of the fast-growing phenomenon of programmatic buying, which has increasingly become a buzzword in the advertising market. Even Jimmy Kimmel, television personality and late-night host, referred to programmatic buying as “the gluten of advertising” because of the term’s prevalence. Yet few individuals have a complete understanding of it.

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What is Co-Op Advertising?

Co-op Advertising - Thunder Creative Management PlatformCo-op (cooperative) advertising is a partnership established between the manufacturer and retailer to share the cost of advertising at the local level. It is a partnership, for example, between the Ford auto brand at the national level and the individual Ford car dealers.

Co-op assists publishers in giving their advertisers more exposure without increasing their personal advertising spend. Advertisers that qualify for co-op reimbursement are eligible for subsidies gains through accrual dollars.

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The Hottest SMB Prospects for Digital This Summer

Thunder advertising tips - Hottest SMB prospects for digital ads

With summer and back-to-school approaching in the next few months, various products and services will be exceptionally popular based on need and seasonality (think: family barbecues, outdoor adventures, school supplies, etc). Consumers will be actively searching for these items throughout Independence Day (July), Back-To-School (August), and Labor Day (September)–which simultaneously presents prime opportunities for SMBs to advertise.

In other words, local SMBs should be running their digital campaigns exactly when customers are shopping for their products and services, not only to increase sales and brand awareness, but also to set themselves apart from their competition.

So who are the best prospects for digital advertising this Summer, you may ask?

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5 Ways to Avoid Sales Fatigue

5 ways to avoid sales fatigue - Thunder ad tips

After a few hours of hitting the phones, and ‘dialing for dollars,’ you have probably heard it all – “I don’t need advertising,” “Just send me an email,” or “Thanks, but not at this time.” Call after call, you hear the same old excuse and runaround.

I get it – it’s absolutely exhausting. This endless routine of calling potential advertisers often leads sales reps to burn out, which is why finding ways to strategically cope with stress is instrumental in boosting productivity throughout the day.

Sales is like any profession. Whether you’re a mathematician or professional athlete, you need time to refine your approach if you are not achieving the desired results. So before you grind your way through another day and run yourself into the ground, here are 5 tips to keep your energy high.

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What SMB Owners Want From Their Sales Process

Email me oonce a month

I’ve been writing a lot about selling advertising to SMB owners recently, sharing tips about using solution selling, booking in-person meetings, and the persuasive power of the spec ad.

Today instead of looking at tactics, I’d like to share some data from Selling to SMBs in 2014, a new report by Bredin Inc, which is a research firm that helps Fortune 500 companies reach and retain SMB business.

The report details insights from a May 2014 survey of 532 principals at companies with less than 500 employees.

The good news is that even in the information age, salespeople, not just the internet, continue to be a huge positive influence on the path to purchase for SMBs.

Let’s take a look.

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The $1.7 Billion Digital Co-Op Advertising Opportunity

Digital co-op for local advertisers - Thunder creative management platform

With more than 4500 co-op programs available the US, digital co-op advertising presents a huge opportunity for local retailers that carry national brands.

The way co-op works is that manufacturers (e.g. Chrysler) are willing to reimburse retailers (e.g. a Chrysler dealership) for a portion of their advertising costs.

Co-op programs stipulate certain requirements for ads, such as having the right fonts, colors, and imagery, in order for them to qualify. But the ads can also have elements unique to the advertiser, such as a dealership location and testimonial quote.

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Selling Display Ads: How to Overcome Objections to the Sale

Selling Display Ads - Thunder creative management platform

While being pitched advertising services, some prospects will have a knee jerk reaction like “‘I’m too busy to talk now,” or “I don’t believe advertising works.” These are objections to the sale.

As a salesperson, objections are an opportunity for you to educate a customer. Display ads aren’t very well understood, so consider this a big opportunity to educate.

If you can become a master at handling objections, you will close more deals.

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Why You Should Sell Solutions to Problems, Not Impressions

Don't just sell impressions, sell solutions.

Solution selling is a great technique to pitch more successfully. It’s a way to personalize your approach, and even if your first proposal is rejected, it leaves the conversation open for further sales attempts.

That’s why you should always propose display ads as a solution to a problem rather than simply a product to be bought. If the client says “no,” they are only rejecting one of many possible solutions you can offer. You still have somewhere to go.

To pave the way for solution selling you need to have a conversation. If you’re pitching a small business owner, for instance, ask questions like, “How do you currently create awareness for you business online?”

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Quick Sales Tip: Getting In-Person Client Visits

Sales tips from Thunder

Getting physically in front clients is the best way to build rapport and stay top of mind. But all too often, prospects are busy or just want to handle everything on the phone or in email. For high-value clients, you will close more repeat business if you meet in person.

When selling advertising, meeting face-to-face gives you a chance to really listen to your client, educate them on the full value of the ad campaign, and then collaborate with them to customize your proposal to their business or brand objectives. And that’s a recipe for success.

But sometimes clients reject meetings because they don’t want to feel pressured to reciprocate the meeting with signing a deal.

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