Creative Management Platform RFP Template/Example

Creative Management Platform RFP Template Example

As a CMP vendor, we have participated in many requests for proposals (RFPs) for Creative Management Platforms (CMPs). The same goes for dynamic creative and programmatic creative. But we still often hear from organizations that don’t have an RFP or RFI template for a CMP.

That’s why we put together this Creative Management Platform RFP example. We based it on questions from other RFPs that we’ve completed. This Excel spreadsheet template is useful as a dynamic creative optimization (DCO) RFP template and programmatic creative RFP example as well.

Creative Management Platforms are inherently creative tools. Apart from answering the questions in the RFP example here, we recommend soliciting other materials. Live demos, links to product videos and slide decks are among the more visually-focused resources that let you get a better sense of a CMP.

CMP RFP Download

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