Thunder December Press & News Roundup

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Creative fatigue is costing you more than you think. Facebook heavily penalizes advertisers for failing to refresh your ad creatives. Even for high performing ads, ad fatigue can quickly set in, leading to higher advertising costs and a negative ROI. Here are seven ways to stop creative fatigue from killing your Facebook advertising budget.

The path to brand loyalty is no longer a funnel. In fact, there is no set path. Like the newcomers in HBO’s new hit show, Westworld, brands need to focus on creating marketing moments to engage customers with the brand’s storyline. Victor Wong writes on MediaPost examining what ‘Westworld’ teaches marketers about the customer journey.

And finally, to kick off 2017, we’d like to share a few of Victor Wong’s predictions for digital marketing this year, including increased use of CRM data onboarding and death of expandable ads.