Thunder Creative Management Platform

Personalize ads to targeted customers across channels — display and social.

“Literally changing the way the
business of marketing is done”

“A simple way to create and serve
digital ads”

“Presto, it creates a display ad”

Personalized creative for every size, format and version

Today’s elite advertisers harness new ad formats and targeting technologies by optimizing the creative. The opportunity to personalize and test creative messaging to accelerate campaign performance has never been greater.

Thunder streamlines creative personalization, ad production, and dynamic creative for desktop, mobile, and social ads. If you need a lot of creatives for any reason, Thunder helps you build for multiple sizes and channels in a fraction of the time of other solutions.

People-first, programmatic-assisted ad production

We engineered Thunder for speed, simplicity, and success. Thunder’s unique and easy-to-use interface has won over designers, marketers, ad sales execs, legal teams, and operations managers. Thunder's ads appear in programmatic and non-programmatic media across the globe.

Alongside our powerful programmatic creative technology is a friendly and accessible support team whose goal is to exceed your expectations every step of the way.

Advertising makes the biggest impact when the creative is relevant.

To make your ads meaningful, you need a fast, simple and cross-channel way to create and personalize your creatives.

See how Thunder ensures that build costs, turnaround time, and the volume of ad production don't stop you from having ads that resonate.

Trusted by companies worldwide

Every time you serve a generic creative, you miss an opportunity

The average person sees 5,000 ads a day. When you customize and test your creatives, you hone in on what a customer cares about with a creative that is relevant.

Thunder is an ad production and dynamic creative platform for creative relevancy, so your ads can rise above the noise and connect with consumers.

Activate your investments in data-driven media

This year over $6 billion will be spent on media targeting and audience data and investments in demand side platforms (DSPs) and data management platforms (DMPs). However, less than 10% of data-driven campaigns deliver a targeted message for the audience in mind. Join the top tier of marketers in activating your audience data by tailoring the creative to the audience.

Until now, personalized, dynamic creative meant formulaic and predictable creative.

Competing DCO-only solutions depend on complex data feeds and fixed templates. In the spirit of being data-driven, the creative can be comprised by a rigid, DCO-only approach.

Thunder doesn’t compromise. Thunder CMP includes a DCO App and other Thunder Apps to meet all the quality and quantity standards of the world’s leading brands. Our unique approach to programmatic creative allows each creative variation to be made pixel perfect for maximum impact while still being personalized. Thunder's ease-of-use is unmatched in the industry.

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To make your ads meaningful, you need a fast, simple and scalable way
to produce and personalize your creatives.

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