Thunder Creative Management Platform

Produce, personalize, and optimize customer touchpoints cross-channel (display, video, social, etc.)

“Literally changing the way the
business of marketing is done”

“A simple way to create and serve
digital ads”

“Presto, it creates a display ad”

Compound ROIs by combining creative, media, and data

Mass personalize ads everywhere your marketing goes. Streamline creative production, targeting, and testing for dynamic creative, retargeting, and non-dynamic digital ads.

Charge up your media and data investments by honing in on the right creative. Drive cross-channel results with the ability to produce ads in a vast array sizes and formats.

The first and best Creative Management Platform (CMP)

Thunder originally pioneered the Creative Management Platform (CMP). As a visionary force, we have led the advertising industry out of single designer ad building into a true modern enterprise solution.

Experience cross-channel creative editing, collaboration management, unified media/creative decisioning, and people-based creative testing. Our breakout CMP continues to reinvent what enterprises expect out of their creative ROIs.

Advertising makes the biggest impact when the creative is relevant.

To make your ad experiences, you need an agile, optimized, and cross-channel way to create and personalize your creatives.

For both static and dynamic creatives, Thunder ensures that your ad production build costs, volume, and turnaround time never stop you from having ads that resonate.

Trusted by companies worldwide

Every time you serve a generic creative, you miss an opportunity

Under the covers of our AI-infused optimization engine are rigorous statistical methods designed for digital advertising.

Drive accurate results and avoid false-positives with people-based testing, not impression-based testing. By ensuring the same person sees the same ad, you can definitively act on your test results.

Because our algorithms leverage complex Bayesian stats methods, you can reach confidence in your A/B test with 1/3 of the impressions of typical p-value methods. As you shift media to your winning creative more quickly, you will maximize conversions.

Activate your investments in data-driven media

$6+ billion will be spent on media targeting and data investments via demand side platforms (DSPs) and data management platforms (DMPs) this year. However, less than 10% of data-driven campaigns have a personalized or dynamic ad for the audience.

Join the 10% of top tier marketers.

With Thunder Creative Management Platform, you can utilize your creative to boost and maximize your ROIs from your other data-driven ad tech too.

Until now, personalized, dynamic creative advertising meant formulaic and predictable creative.

Competing DCO-only solutions depend on processing data feeds and logic and in fixed ad templates. In the spirit of being data-driven, the creative is comprised by the limitations of a single, rigid ad.

Thunder doesn’t compromise. Thunder CMP includes a new approach to dynamic creative optimization that meets the quality standards of the world’s leading brands. Each of your creative variations can have its own template and can be made pixel perfect while still being a personalized ad.

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