Thunder November Press & News Roundup

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When deciding between programmatic creative approaches, advertisers face the marketer’s ‘trilemma’; marketers need to find a balance among personalization, experience, and cost. CEO Victor Wong writes on discussing what’s at stake and how to overcome the creative trade-offs.

The majority of advertisers show the same generic, generalized creative to all audiences. A targeted creative strategy requires creating a cohesive story, but in a personalized way. As the world gets smaller, Victor Wong examines why global brands need to start thinking small in their large advertising campaigns.

With the recent founding of the Coalition for Better Ads and Google’s announcement to crack down on intrusive ad formats in 2017, LEAN ads (light, encrypted, ad choice supported, non-invasive ads) are more important than ever before. Victor Wong published a piece on MarTech offering five tips for creating consumer-friendly programmatic ads.

Personalization is critical to boost ad performance, but if marketers use the tactic incorrectly, they could immediately rub customers the wrong way. Victor Wong gives four tips for personalizing ads without being creepy.