PaperG Rebrands to “Thunder” as it Unveils PowerPlus for Facebook

Thunder Advertising - Programmatic Creative

Thunder is the First Solution Enabling Brands to Simultaneously Build, Edit and Preview Creatives Across Display and Social — New Identity Reflects Company Mission to Optimize Creative Ads Across Channels

San Francisco, CA – (April 25, 2016) – Effective today, PaperG, the original and leading Creative Management Platform, announces it has changed its name to Thunder. Additionally, the company has unveiled the first-ever solution for marketers to build, edit and preview creatives across display and social creatives in one interface, called PowerPlus for Facebook.

The concept of perfectly synchronized campaign waves is analogous to “rolling thunder,” which is both a natural concept and a term used by marketers to describe how thunderstorms and campaigns build in strength and power as they successfully move through time and distance. It is also part of the thinking that led the company and its board to rename and reposition PaperG as Thunder.

“Thunder is a much more descriptive and powerful name that reflects how our design is intended for a “post-Flash” world, in which it no longer makes sense to create one ad for one audience and screen,” said CEO Victor Wong. “Our new brand will underscore our vision of enabling more effective, seamless and relevant messaging to multiple audiences across all channels, from the cloud.”

Thunder is promoting its new name and PowerPlus solution across the Digiday Brand Summit and other events this month and then moving forward on plans to roll out several other new capabilities that will help marketers connect with audiences more holistically across channels.

Facebook is considered by marketing executives to be the most effective social media channel, so it’s crucial for marketers to leverage this platform, yet current tools for creating a high volume of Facebook ads are cumbersome, difficult to manage, and driven by spreadsheets and not graphical interfaces.

“It’s no secret that compelling creative is the key for driving performance on Facebook, but with the tools currently on the market you’re basically designing art with a spreadsheet. It’s not a creative process,” said Rob Lennon, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Thunder. “This new capability gives marketers an elegant, scalable way to create ads in social in the same way they already build out display ads on Thunder’s platform, truly closing the loop on creative production for social.”

Now, with PowerPlus, even marketers with minimal design or technical knowledge can rapidly and easily create Facebook ads within the Thunder Creative Management Platform. The powerful new solution will benefit publishers, advertisers and agencies seeking to optimize their Facebook campaigns by reaching customers with the right content, at the right time, at each stage of their journey.

About Thunder:
Named one of Forbes’ 100 Most Promising Companies in America, Thunder powers ad creative production and versioning for advertisers, agencies, and publishers across the globe.

Thunder is the only Creative Management Platform whose creative production capabilities extend across both display and social advertising channels. Thunder’s clients build creatives at incredible speed and scale without having to sacrifice ad quality, branding, or pixel perfection.

About PowerPlus:
Thunder’s PowerPlus technology takes Facebook ad creative to the next level. Share messaging across banner and Facebook display ads, or build versions for Facebook alone using Thunder’s award-winning creative toolkit.

Creating ad variations in Facebook Ads Manager and Power Editor can be a cumbersome process, and one that isn’t conducive to creativity. When your existing tools aren’t meeting your needs, Thunder PowerPlus provides an efficient visual design studio for pumping out the variations of creatives that you use to optimize your ambitious Facebook campaigns.

Press Contact:
Cassady Nordeen