Thunder August Press & News Roundup

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With over $6 billion being spent annually on data-driven ad technologies like DMPs and DSPs, the biggest challenge is activating this data. Victor Wong and Econsultancy discuss how Creative Management Platforms (CMPs) can help brands and advertisers build creative versions at scale to achieve a significantly higher ROI.

Though marketers have increasingly focused on serving ads at the right time for the right audience, the right message has been forgotten. Victor Wong sits down with Beet.TV to examine why brand marketers targeting consumers should control the messaging.

To successfully reach consumers in our multichannel world, marketers are increasingly favoring relevancy over intrusiveness. In this episode of DMN: One-on-one podcast, Kim Davis and Victor Wong discuss why marketers are thinking strategically about the consumer experience, ad blocking, and the implications of walled gardens.

Despite the rapid growth of programmatic advertising and rich audience data, merging creativity with programmatic to produce data-driven executions lags far behind. Victor Wong offers Digiday one solution to bridging the programmatic-creative divide.