Programmatic Creative Strategies and Tactics Playbooks


The emergence of programmatic creative platforms has unlocked many ways to tailor, test, and optimize ad creative to drive campaign performance. When we looked into other people’s numbers, we found evidence that customizing creative consistently delivers a 30-50% boost in performance. That’s a little under our experience, where our customers that optimize creatives tend to size up to benchmarks by 2X or more.

It’s clear that in the age of so much data in digital media, the model of showing one generalized creative to everyone is giving way to a new style of advertising that combines data and creative in ways that resonate far more with audiences and produce greater results for advertisers.

But for companies seeking to leverage many of these new strategies, where does one begin? If you’re looking for examples of these ads, how can you find them?

The newest installments to our programmatic creative series of eBooks dig into precisely these questions and the strategies and tactics that new technologies like Creative Management Platforms and dynamic creative optimization make possible.

We’re calling them programmatic creative playbooks. These guides contain example ways to tailor creatives to audiences, including example ads. They are meant to serve as inspiration for the next generation of creative strategy.

The ideas behind our Programmatic Creative Playbooks have come from discussions with countless ad industry professionals across the globe about how they are using creative today, and their aspirations for the future.

Programmatic creative isn’t only for programmatic media, and plenty of these strategies work very strongly with direct-bought inventory and the often potent targeting and data that comes with it.

Since creative strategies can vary so widely between verticals, we’re breaking our playbook series out into verticals as well. We’re starting with retail. We will be updating this post with more verticals, such as travel/hospitality, CPG, Insurance, and Financial Services in the near future.

Download your programmatic creative playbooks here:

Other Thunder eBooks in the programmatic series are also available for free download: