Creative Management Platform

Thunder introduced the first creative management platform (CMP) to the marketing industry in 2016. An early leader, Thunder CMP, provides the easiest creative tool for making, scaling, and trafficking ads across display, video, and native. Users range from general marketers to advance designers.


Dynamic Creative Optimization

Thunder introduced in 2017 the industry's first people-based dynamic creative optimization (DCO) solution, taking what used to be a temporary cookie-based or device-based approach and transforming it to work cross-device and over time. Thunder DCO provides a visual decision tree setup for testing and targeting creatives to different audiences cross-channel.

Experience Measurement

Thunder invented in 2018 a new form of ad tracking designed to capture the full customer lifetime ad experience with a brand. Built from the ground up for multi-device, walled gardens, and customer relationships, Thunder Experience Measurement gives brand the full view of how their ads are working for a person to then take action across creative and media. 


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