Produce good ads

Thunder is the fastest, easiest way to produce high quality ads that work everywhere your customers are. From designers to marketers, Thunder users love making and managing creatives in our intuitive creative management platform.


Streamline digital workflow

Thunder simplifies the process of getting built ads to become live ads. QA, media compliance checks, previewing/approving ads, and trafficking can be done in one place now. Get ads from the studio out into the media platforms faster.

Personalize to the customer

Thunder connects customer identity across devices and time to creative experiences for people-based marketing. Brands can use dynamic creative optimization to orchestrate messaging across customer lifecycle, product lines, and channels.


Testing ads by person

Figure out what works by running randomized controlled trials, the gold standard of testing Instead of creating control and experiment groups by cookie or some unstable identifier, use a persistent person-based ID to conduct your tests.

Track the full experience

Thunder makes people-based measurement easy by connecting creative and media by person across channels. Brands can now get lifetime customer ad experience reporting instead of just limited campaign reports. They want true reach and conversion tracking by person, not device.


Target the right frequency

Thunder counts frequency by person, not device or other temporary IDs to get the most accurate view of a customer’s ad exposure by day and lifetime. Brands can rotate in new messaging, ensure audience penetration, or stop overexposure.

Get started with Thunder today

Connect with a Thunder expert to discuss how to activate people-based marketing with our cloud-based applications for marketers.