Thunder Creative
Management Platform

Streamlined creative variations across channels and formats.

Why a Creative Management Platform?

Today’s Web is personal and optimized. It’s a digital world where users expect their online experiences to be relevant, and that includes ads.

To drive exceptional performance, a variety of new optimization tactics have emerged. They all require one thing: more creatives.

Thunder Creative Management Platform streamlines the art of designing, producing, and versioning ad creatives.

Thunder–Enabled Advertising

Personalize creatives to

Produce different
creatives to split test

Build desktop, mobile,
and social together

Automatically optimize
your campaigns

Make every ad
pixel perfect

True Creativity
With Programmatic

Thunder believes that DCO and programmatic creative are about more than cookie-cutter advertisements.

Our products combine the production speed required by
programmatic with the heart and soul needed to tell
brand stories that resonate with real individuals.

Personalize creatives for the people, not robots, in your
programmatic media.

Ad Personalization For Global

Extending your advertising across the globe presents unique challenges that Thunder is overcoming. Rest assured, your regional marketing messages will be consistent across-browsers everywhere, with languages and fonts intact, and at an optimal file load size.

Whatever the time zone, all of your ads are accessible from our cloud-based creative management platform. Thunder streamlines the way your team creates, revises, reviews, and executes creatives so that regional teams can create global results.

Pixel Perfection At
Exponential Scale

Within Thunder is an easy-to-understand design system for organized creative production. Let software eliminate menial and repetitive work as you execute ambitious campaigns across screens, sizes, and formats.

Experience the speed and delight of building high-quality HTML5 display, mobile, and Facebook ads in multiple sizes at the same time. Tweak every pixel to the finest detail. Thunder amplifies your creative potential but you remain in full control.


Thunder amplifies your creative versioning across the most data-driven advertising channels today: desktop display, mobile display, and Facebook ads.

As you seamlessly multiply your creative concepts across ad versions, sizes, and formats, you also multiply your campaign’s potential impact in the marketplace.

Apps for Thunder CMP:

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)

Thunder CMP already lets you effortlessly produce countless ads. With our DCO app, you can apply creative targeting and decisioning to your creative strategy.

Testing and Decisioning Capabilities:

  • Creative Decisioning By Segment
  • A/B and Multivariate Testing
  • Automatic Optimization Of Any Key Metric
  • Creative Insights Reporting

Our DCO App includes over 1000 free audience segments, plus the ability to integrate with all major DMPs. Leveraging machine learning, the app can determine the best creatives for all of your audiences, and generate your ideal decisioning tree for you.

PowerPlus — Social Ad Variations, Visualized

Creative is frequently the biggest driver of performance on Facebook, but Facebook’s free creative tools can be cumbersome and tedious.

Thunder PowerPlus for Facebook provides an efficient alternative. Our visual design studio helps you pump out social ad creatives so you can test countless ads and fully optimize your campaigns. You can see everything you produce to avoid costly mistakes.

PowerPlus is fully integrated with Thunder’s display and mobile builders, too, so you can work on ads across channels at the same time with ease.

Local Ad Creator™ — Instant Local Ads

From a simple search, automatically create a set of banner and Facebook display ads for any business. Use Local Ad Creator™ to create a custom spec ad for every SMB and mid-market sales pitch. It’s so simple and easy, you can customize the ads right in front of your client, and have the campaign ready to go live in minutes.

Co-Op Advantage™ — Brand-Subsidized, Retailer–Built Advertising

Access a vast gallery of co-op ad designs and claim extra ad spend for your customers with Co-Op Advantage™. Our library of co-op appropriate templates is maintained in partnership with Recas, the leader in co-op program research and data. It features templates for co-op programs from major automotive, furniture, and home improvement manufacturers.

Advertising is one of the hardest problems in the modern economy


Brands use Thunder to reduce production costs and unlock strategies not previously possible.


Cutting-edge agencies use Thunder to win business with cutting edge creative services.


Thunder’s flexible platform powers a vast array of ad products for publishers including local ad solutions, co-op advertising, and professional creatives services.