Thunder Creative
Management Platform

Produce, personalize, and optimize creative.

Why a Creative Management Platform?

Today's enterprises use more media channels and data than ever. Traditional creative tech and processes have not kept up with this multi-channel, multi-audience, multi-test world.

When a company wants to be more agile, personalized, and optimized with its creative, it needs a new approach and technology.

Thunder Creative Management Platform is the leading provider of the most scalable way to mass customize creative to media and data. Plus, Thunder Apps link up additional platforms to enhance workflow, measurement, trafficking, and testing with your ad tech stack.

Thunder–Enabled Advertising

Personalize creatives to

Produce different
creatives to split test

Build desktop, mobile,
and social together

Automatically optimize
your campaigns

Make every ad
pixel perfect

Creative Agility

Discover the world's most streamlined ad production and versioning toolkit. Enjoy a powerful but easy-to-use WYSIWYG creative editor. Our unrivaled animations and custom font support ensures your brand identity is always on point.

Auto-resize your ads automatically. Produce for cross-channel campaigns simultaneously. Bulk editing makes translation and transcreation a breeze.

Streamline your process with built in creative approval and lightweight asset management. And with one-click trafficking integrations to DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) and Facebook Ads, your high volume production won't put your Ad Ops team behind.

Creative Personalization

Get ready for pixel perfection at exponential scale. Thunder gives you the perfect balance of mass versioning for dynamic and non-dynamic formats combined with granular design controls.

Finer targeting—right message, right person, right time—is made easy with our visual creative decision tree. We integrate with your first and third party data sources. Access our exclusive creative decisioning data as well at no extra cost.

Creative Optimization

Only Thunder's people-based testing targets the same user across all of their devices so your optimizations have the statistical rigor of a clinical drug trial.

Measure and optimize for real results like online conversions of any kind, plus brand lift and offline sales. When more than one creative are involved, see the big picture with multi-touch creative attribution.

Thunder Solutions

Creative Production

Build, resize, and version ads like never before.

  • Slick, intuitive WYSIWYG user experience
  • Auto-resizing and mass versioning to eliminate repetitive work
  • Unrivaled animation timeline to meet your brand requirements
  • Be L.E.A.N. with automatic display ad load size optimization
  • Auto text rasterization ensures your type looks good across browsers
  • Custom fonts supported

Creative Trafficking

Distribute ads easily and quickly.

  • DoubleClick trafficking integration with auto-naming and backup image creation
  • Facebook ads trafficking integration
  • Update in-flight creatives and DCO decision trees without retrafficking
  • Bulk trafficking sheet and file exports
  • Automatic file load size optimization

Creative Targeting

Personalize creatives to relate to your audience

  • Visualize your creative decision tree
  • 1000+ free audience segments including:
    • Demographic
    • Contextual/Keyword
    • Interest
    • Weather/Precipitation
    • Device
    • Day part
  • Integrate your DMP, CRM, retargeting, website, first-, and third-party data
  • Flexible, multi-template dynamic testing

Creative Testing

Ad tech's most intelligent optimization engine.

  • A/B and multivariate testing to drive up ROI
  • Hands on or hands off optimization. Manually or automatically select test winners
  • Leverage AI to discover your ideal creative/audience matches
  • People-based testing across devices helps you drive more accurate results
  • Measure and optimize from online conversions, offline sales, and brand lift

Creative Analytics

Spot patterns and gain insights.

  • Customizable real-time dashboards so you can bubble up insights
  • Discover opportunities from comprehensive data break-downs
  • Creative multi-touch attribution that allows you to see the bigger picture
  • Visualize and enrich ad server data with log ingestion

Organization Management

Prime your team for success.

  • Multiple permission roles for editing and finalizing ads
  • Organize ads with campaign folders
  • Lock and hide elements to clean up designs for your team
  • Template onboarding services included
  • Live Chat support with an average response time of 8 seconds

Find out what Thunder can do for your company:


Gain massive marketing agility and production capabilities. Personalize and optimize cross-channel ads in-house or with your agency partners.


Offer campaigns personalized and optimized to audiences across channels like nobody else can. Leverage Thunder to outpace your competitors.


Empower ad sales teams with a vast array of ad products including local ad solutions, co-op advertising, and professional creatives services.

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