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Updated: October 28, 2009


Rules Pertaining to Advertisements


By submitting an advertisement through PlaceLocal, you agree to be bound by the following terms of service:


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·         You must provide credit card information that is valid and is not intended to be invalidated during the time period of the paid-for campaign.  In the event that credit card information provided hereunder becomes invalid or you elect to use an alternative credit card, you shall promptly provide updated credit card information to PaperG, Inc or its subsidiaries, affiliates, or Partners.

·         You agree to pay the full amount that is billed.

·         You agree that if you violate the rules set forth in this General Terms of Service, including but not limited to rules pertaining to ad message, unacceptable content, or use of copyrighted material, then you forfeit the entire dollar amount of your campaign at the discretion of PaperG, Inc.

·         If you pay the student rate, you certify that you are a full-time student enrolled at an accredited university who is promoting a student group activity.







PaperG undertakes to obey all relevant copyright laws. We will rigorously review all claims of copyright infringement received and remove content deemed to have been posted or distributed in violation of such laws. To make a claim, please provide us with the following:



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