Cheeseboy Case Study: Success with Local Display

Cheeseboy Case Study: Success with Local Display

A great part of PaperG is hearing the success stories of our partners. We are advocates for small businesses and enjoy learning the ways that PaperG’s platforms support these small entities in their endeavors to spread awareness of their business and gain customers.

A shift is occurring in small business advertising towards online display ads. While search ads have been the go-to option for small businesses in the last few years, local display ads have started to become a must buy for many small businesses. Search ads’ limitations begin with the dependency on an individual’s search keywords. When a person looks for a specific thing on Google, the search ads presented are directly (and only) related to the search keyword entered. This becomes problematic when the person doesn’t know to look for the business, its promotions, or its special events. In effect, search ads can’t generate demand for a local business but only capture existing demand.

While search ads may have great CTR for widely searched terms and well known products; for SMB’s with a small budget, a new product, and low search query volume, hyperlocalized display ads offer a more robust solution for any business trying to expand their customer base and generate new demand for their services or product. In the past, this solution may have been only affordable to large companies and brands that could afford ad agencies to do all ad creation and targeting work; however with the introduction of solutions like PlaceLocal, display ad creation and targeting are now accessible to SMBs.

In a recent case study we looked at our work with Cheeseboy, a small but growing Northeast grilled cheese sandwich company interested in heightening awareness and attracting customers to its stores for the company sponsored 2nd Annual Free Grilled Cheese Day. With $1,000 in budget, PlaceLocal built localized ad campaigns for each of the company’s six restaurants across New England. Ads were targeted down to the zip code, ensuring customers were only shown relevant ads for the location nearest them.

Cheeseboy experienced phenomenal turnout – over 5,000 people attended the 2nd Annual Free Grilled Cheese Day. Paid advertising led to a large number of sign-ups for the event. Even with a very small percentage (7%) of the total ad budget, local display ads targeted by PlaceLocal drove 30% of all signups from paid advertising.

Cheeseboy’s ad campaign proves display advertising can work for local businesses. Attendees at the 2nd Annual Free Grilled Cheese Day spent more (~$2) at the event than it cost to get them to see the details of the event (~$1). On top of a positive ROI from the event attendees, Cheeseboy gained brand awareness among the tens of thousands of people who saw the Cheeseboy ads over the weeks leading up to the event. Those people are all now likely future customers. Congratulations Cheeseboy!