Thunder May Press & News Roundup

Thunder Creative Management Platform Ad Industry Press RoundupNews of Thunder’s rebrand continued to gain press coverage in May: PaperG brings the Thunder. In addition to the rebrand, Thunder received media attention from launching Facebook Powerplus, enabling marketers to execute consistent messaging across display and social advertising.

Victor Wong also wrote a piece on MarTech Advisor offering marketers practical creative optimization tactics and best practices for display advertising campaigns.

In other company news, Thunder was featured in 5 Companies Who Play the Perks Card Right. Company culture is one of Thunder’s top priorities. Providing employees benefits and perks (such as free food and unlimited vacation) has enabled Thunder to attract and retain top level talent.

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Thunder April Press & News Roundup

Thunder Creative Management Platform Advertising Press Roundup

April was the beginning of a new era for PaperG.

PaperG officially rebranded as Thunder, reflecting our evolution into the next generation Creative Management Platform. The name “Thunder” is derived from the concept of perfectly synchronized campaigns, similar to “rolling thunder,” building in strength as they move through time and distance.

At the same time, Thunder also launched Facebook PowerPlus, making Thunder the first Creative Management Platform to enable marketers to simultaneously build and edit cross-channel display and social ads.

See what the press had to say about the rebrand!

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PaperG March Press & News Roundup

Thunder (formerly PaperG) Creative Management Platform Ad Industry Press Roundup

As programmatic continues to see explosive growth, a new job title—creative planner—has emerged. CEO Victor Wong published a piece on examining how this role is the direct and needed counterpart to the media planner in Why 2016 Is The Year Of The Creative Planner.

Victor Wong also offered Marketing Dive his insights on Facebook Atlas’ decision to pursue native and video ads, as well as the overall future of banner ads and display advertising.

Sr. Product Marketing Manager Rob Lennon was featured on the Thalamus blog, providing color on PaperG’s technology and vision on programmatic creative in Creating the Future: PaperG And The Evolution Of Programmatic Creative.

And finally, the news you’ve all been waiting for…*drum roll*…Victor Wong was awarded the DMNews Marketing And Tech Innovation Award For Programmatic Prognosticator! This award honors an individual who takes an innovative approach to leveraging programmatic marketing. Victor received this honor on March 10 following the 2016 Marketing & Technology Summit. A huge congratulations to Victor!

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PaperG CEO Named “Programmatic Prognosticator”

Victor Wong Receives 2016 DMNews Marketing & Tech Innovation Award

Thunder formerly PaperG Press Release

NEW YORK, NY — (Marketwired — March 11, 2016) — PaperG, a creative management platform that makes it possible for publishers, agencies and advertisers to match creative executions to the increasing variety of targeting segments and ad formats, today announced that its CEO and co-founder, Victor Wong, has been awarded the DMNews Marketing and Tech Innovation award for Programmatic Prognosticator. The award honors an individual who takes an innovative approach to using programmatic marketing to get the attention of the right customers and prospects, engaging them, personalizing their experience, and driving action as a result. Wong received this honor at the DMNews cocktail reception on March 10 following the 2016 Marketing & Technology Summit.

The DMNews Marketing and Tech Innovation Awards honor the most innovative strategies, platforms, and people in marketing across a wide range of marketing strategies: mobile, social, email, marketing automation and analytics.

“It’s an honor to be recognized by peers in the ad tech community for making an impact in programmatic marketing,” said Victor Wong, CEO of PaperG. “Since day one, the PaperG team has worked together to create a cross-channel platform that solves creative challenges by empowering publishers and brands to drive the best results through automation.”

Entries were judged by the DMN and The Hub editorial staff, and leading analysts and senior marketers including past winners of MTIA, 40 Under 40, and Marketing Hall of Femme.

About PaperG
Named one of Forbes’ 100 Most Promising Companies in America, PaperG was founded to help the “paper generation” move print advertising online. Now years later, PaperG is helping agencies and brands take another step forward by eliminating the high costs and lengthy turnaround time associated with display ad creative. The PaperG creative management platform is built by leading technologists, including engineers from Microsoft and Amazon, who are dedicated to improving the digital advertising experience for all. PaperG has offices in San Francisco and Seattle.

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PaperG February Press & News Roundup

Thunder (formerly PaperG) Creative Management Platform Ad Industry Press Roundup

As programmatic creative continues to take the spotlight across the advertising industry, PaperG’s technology was highlighted in the exploration of Is The Creative Of The Future A Computer?

At the same time, a human’s touch is imperative to achieve creativity and boost campaign results. PaperG CEO Victor Wong published a piece on AdExchanger about the need to re-evaluate collaboration across organizations: Creative And Media Are Talking But They’re Missing The Point.

Happy Leap Year! With one extra day this year, Rob Lennon, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, weighed in on how advertisers can make Leap Day count in More Than An Extra Calendar Day, Leap Day Is A Rare Marketing Opportunity.

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PaperG January Press & News Roundup

Thunder (formerly PaperG) Creative Management Platform Ad Industry Press Roundup

With the new year ahead of us, January was a busy month full of 2016 predictions and tips for PaperG.

PaperG CEO Victor Wong was published on iMedia to discuss the need for collaboration and creative consistency for programmatic campaigns: 3 Huge Ad Management Issues Marketers Need To Fix.

Victor Wong also offered Huffington Post insights on his own top leadership strategies: The Leadership Game Plan: Why Victor Wong, PaperG CEO, Focuses On Adding Value.

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, Rob Lennon, PaperG Sr. Product Marketing Manager, predicts that marketers will bring a Super (Real-Time, Hunky, And Socially Progressive) Bowl this year.

Victor Wong offered his top 2016 predictions for mobile advertising trends and what’s in store for programmatic, while Rob Lennon offered his thoughts on how to better manage programmatic campaigns and how to truly become cross-screen.

And finally, Marketing&Tech Innovation Awards announced Victor Wong as a finalist under the “Programmatic Prognosticator” category. Winners will be announced Thursday, March 10. Fingers crossed!

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25 Quotes To Spark Your Sales Momentum

Thunder ad platform 25 Motivational Sales Quotes

We all need a little inspiration from time to time. As we kick off the new year, we would like to share a few words of wisdom to empower you to achieve your sales goals in 2016.

Turn to these quotes for inspiration any time you feel disheartened or disgruntled. Remember, even the experts––some of the greatest leaders and businesspeople of our time––needed courage and perseverance in order to succeed.

So the next time you feel the need for an extra push, refer to these 25 quotes to refresh your mind and boost your sales energy.

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3 Steps to Holiday Themed Ads – Win More End of the Year Business

Thunder Creative Management Platform Ad Examples

With the holidays right around the corner, advertisers are busy preparing for the biggest shopping season of the year. Retail holiday sales are projected to increase by 5.7% this year—the biggest jump in sales since 2011.

The next few months presents a huge opportunity for advertisers to capture new customers and increase their brand awareness amongst existing customers. According to, nearly 80 percent of shoppers engage with brands and retailers through digital channels before setting foot inside a store, which means that digital advertising will be essential for advertisers to generate sales and to stay ahead of the competition.

Incorporating holiday-related themes, keywords, and imagery in your advertiser’s display campaigns will make their busiest retail season both successful and jolly.

To help your advertisers maximize the festive shopping season, here are three easy ways to add a holiday twist to digital display ads.

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Transitioning Display Ads from Flash to HTML5 – A Comprehensive FAQ

Thunder guide to transitioning Flash to HTML5 display ads

The advertising shakeup on September 1st has accelerated plans across the industry to transition display ads from Flash to HTML5. As a result, a lot of questions have surfaced about the finer details of HTML5 ad production and trafficking.

Below we’ve compiled the most common questions and answers into a comprehensive FAQ. Many of the entries here have come directly from customers. If anything about HTML5 is unclear to you, we hope you find your answer here.

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Why Take Advantage of Co-Op?

Digital co-op advertising - Thunder Creative Management Platform

For SMBs with minimal budgets, digital co-op is a huge opportunity to advertise with no additional cost. With $1.7 billion available in digital co-op programs every year and $450 million of which is unclaimed, local advertisers have access to free advertising dollars.

Sales reps who leverage co-op can upsell existing advertisers to both expand the relationship and more easily achieve their digital goals, as co-op campaigns are typically larger and higher in value. At the same time, by selling co-op, reps help advertisers grow their local exposure without increasing their advertising spend.

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9 Free Mobile Apps to Enhance Sales Productivity

9 Apps To Boost Sales Productivity

As a sales rep who is constantly on-the-go, utilizing the right tools to drive efficiency from meeting to meeting is not only desirable, but also necessary.

Mobile apps enable you to better manage your sales process, whether tracking leads in real-time, or digitizing your huge stack of business cards. With the ability to improve daily productivity through apps, you can spend more of your time on what you do best: closing sales.

Before you head out to your next sales call, check out these top 9 apps to help boost your sales efficiency. The bonus? All of these apps are free.

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4 Must-Share Display Advertising Trends To Help Secure The Sale

Must Share Display Advertising Trends - Thunder Creative Management PlatformAs a digital sales rep, sharing industry research is one of the most powerful ways to influence a potential client’s buying decision. Especially for prospects who are still on the fence, leveraging industry data strengthens your pitch, your credibility, and the value of your digital solution.

This is undoubtedly the case for local advertisers who are wary of the fast-growing phenomenon of programmatic buying, which has increasingly become a buzzword in the advertising market. Even Jimmy Kimmel, television personality and late-night host, referred to programmatic buying as “the gluten of advertising” because of the term’s prevalence. Yet few individuals have a complete understanding of it.

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What is Co-Op Advertising?

Co-op Advertising - Thunder Creative Management PlatformCo-op (cooperative) advertising is a partnership established between the manufacturer and retailer to share the cost of advertising at the local level. It is a partnership, for example, between the Ford auto brand at the national level and the individual Ford car dealers.

Co-op assists publishers in giving their advertisers more exposure without increasing their personal advertising spend. Advertisers that qualify for co-op reimbursement are eligible for subsidies gains through accrual dollars.

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The Hottest SMB Prospects for Digital This Summer

Thunder advertising tips - Hottest SMB prospects for digital ads

With summer and back-to-school approaching in the next few months, various products and services will be exceptionally popular based on need and seasonality (think: family barbecues, outdoor adventures, school supplies, etc). Consumers will be actively searching for these items throughout Independence Day (July), Back-To-School (August), and Labor Day (September)–which simultaneously presents prime opportunities for SMBs to advertise.

In other words, local SMBs should be running their digital campaigns exactly when customers are shopping for their products and services, not only to increase sales and brand awareness, but also to set themselves apart from their competition.

So who are the best prospects for digital advertising this Summer, you may ask?

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5 Ways to Avoid Sales Fatigue

5 ways to avoid sales fatigue - Thunder ad tips

After a few hours of hitting the phones, and ‘dialing for dollars,’ you have probably heard it all – “I don’t need advertising,” “Just send me an email,” or “Thanks, but not at this time.” Call after call, you hear the same old excuse and runaround.

I get it – it’s absolutely exhausting. This endless routine of calling potential advertisers often leads sales reps to burn out, which is why finding ways to strategically cope with stress is instrumental in boosting productivity throughout the day.

Sales is like any profession. Whether you’re a mathematician or professional athlete, you need time to refine your approach if you are not achieving the desired results. So before you grind your way through another day and run yourself into the ground, here are 5 tips to keep your energy high.

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